Treat Mom To A Personalized Giant Cookiegram

At Sweet Flour Bake Shop, we celebrate Mother’s Day with beautiful, tasty baked goods like our oversized cookiegram. What better way is there to celebrate your mom than with yummy Mother’s Day treats from one of Toronto’s favourite bake shops? You can purchase a personalized cookiegram for just $26 to be delivered to your home in the greater Toronto area or for pick up at our store. When you pick out your giant cookie, you’ll get the chance to truly make it the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom.

Pick the Flavour

We offer a variety of signature cookie flavours for your giant cookiegram, including almond toffee milk chocolate, chocolate toffee cappuccino, double chocolate, oatmeal cranberry walnut, peanut butter M&M, white chocolate macadamia nut, and more. Choose the flavour you think your mom will like best.

Pick the Frosting

Sweet Flour Bake Shop’s cookiegrams are decorated with a frosting border and message, and we let our customers choose their own colours for each. You can opt for a neutral border with a bright message, play with complementary colours, or only use your mom’s favourite. It’s up to you!

Write the Message

We limit our messages to three words, but “Happy Mother’s Day” will fit on our cookiegrams! You can opt for this general message or go with something more personalized. You might consider, for example, “You rock, Mom” or “We love you.”

Mix it up this year, and pick up a cookiegram for your mom from Sweet Flour Bake Shop. If you have any questions regarding our products or store, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Have a lovely Mother’s Day!

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