November 30, 2015

At Sweet Flour, we want to delight you. We want you to experience the warmth of a fresh baked cookie, the joy of a spoonful of cookie dough, the decadence of a creamy filled cupcake or a handcrafted ice cream sandwich. From just because to just married, we believe every moment is worth celebrating. DISCOVER MORE >

Corporate Gift Ideas

Any great business owner understands that the customers have everything to do with the success (or failure) of their business. It is the customers and the other affiliated companies that drive business and make it possible to keep your business alive even during the most difficult of times. Every once in a while it is good to say a big “Thank You” to the people that ensure your business keeps on thriving. Unfortunately, most corporate gift ideas are tired and boring. It is time to think outside (or inside) the gift box!

Forget the gift cards, throw away those impersonal cards, and head in to Sweet Flour. We offer the most decadent baked goods in Toronto! Not only are our cookies second-to-none, we offer other baked good that double as the perfect corporate gift. There are very few people that do not enjoy baked goods, and this is why Sweet Flour’s corporate gift ideas are the best! We offer deluxe gift boxes that are chock full of delicious baked goods. With so many different treats and flavours, it is hard to imagine that anyone would be left out. Corporate gift boxes from Sweet Flour are beautifully wrapped and can be sent to any location in Canada or hand delivered within Toronto. 

Sweet Flour offers many different baked good boxes to fit every need. We will even customize a cookie so they know exactly what you are trying to say. Stop in or order online and never again settle for old corporate gifts for your favorite customers and business associates!