November 01, 2017

At Sweet Flour, we want to delight you. We want you to experience the warmth of a fresh baked cookie, the joy of a spoonful of cookie dough, the decadence of a creamy filled cupcake or a handcrafted ice cream sandwich. From just because to just married, we believe every moment is worth celebrating. DISCOVER MORE >

One Stop Shop Your Kids Will Love

Teaching your kids to bake and cook early on encourages learning essential life skills. Creating baked goods and other fun cooking ideas with kids teaches them to understand the importance of order, cooking with family, developing a versatile palette, confidence, and the obviousness of knowing how to feed themselves.

To encourage kids to like cooking, try doing fun activities with them, such as making snacks, cookies, and ice-cream sandwiches. Baking with children can be fun and teaches them math, reading, and science. If you live in Toronto and you want to introduce the importance of baking and cooking into your child’s life, try checking out Sweet Flour Bake Shop.

Sweet Flour strives to be a one-stop bake shop that offers a wide array of fresh, gourmet baked goods. We aim to be a taste of nostalgia, and all of our sweet treats are made from scratch. We create cookies from fresh and natural ingredients. What’s unique about our establishment, and what will wow your children into loving cooking and baking, is that we are a two-minute custom cookie shop, and we create an interactive experience. Listed on our website are some steps to help you understand how the magic works. Check the Made to Order Cookies here.

Sweet Flour has a wide variety of cookie dough to pick out and has over 20 gourmet mix-ins to make your own one-of-a-kind custom cookie. Check out the Design Your Own that you can create with muffins, cookies, or ice-cream. If you are having a party, we have cookie cakes, and if you have a special occasion, check out our cookie grams. We encourage kids to learn the importance of cooking to enhance their life skills and to begin teaching them. We embolden that you to take them to Sweet Flour and let your kids check out how enjoyable it is to learn about baking goods.