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One thing that our #SweetHeroes giveaway has shown us is that heros come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve been so inspired by all the nominations from our past contests that we've decided to keep our #SweetHeroes giveaway going!

This time, we're shining the light on a type of hero that is near and dear to our heart - entrepreneurs everywhere that turn big dreams into reality. Entrepreneurs will new businesses and sometimes even industries into existence, creating jobs and opportunities for thousands of people. 

Show your love and appreciation for your #SweetHeroes by nominating an entrepreneur who exemplifies exactly what it means to be a hero for a chance to win a fresh baked gift from Sweet Flour! 

Each lucky winner will receive:

  • A sweet & special gift delivered directly to their door
  • A note from the nominee expressing their appreciation
  • A feature on our social media

↓ Fill out the form below to submit your nomination. 

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