Froot Loops & Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pack

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If your AM cookie routine is getting a few raised eyebrows, our new cereal based cookie pack will shut down the haters!  Are they for breakfast? Are they for dessert? These cookies combine the best of both worlds so it means you can eat them ALL. DAY. LONG.

We're only making 100 of 'em so we recommend ordering NOW.
Includes 6 cookies, 3 each of the following:
Get Looped - We've captured the joy of Saturday morning cartoons and slurping up Froot Loop flavoured milk in one decadent, delicious cookie.  Your new favourite cookie starts with a chewy Froot Loop marshmallow square that gets added to our classic cookie dough along with ground up Froot Loops to max out that sweet flavour. To get that cereal and milk look - and taste! -  we top it off with a sweet yet tart icing and more Froot Loops scattered on top for that perfect crunch. 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bar - Only one word is required:  ADDICTIVE.  Think Rice Krispie treat, but WAAAAY better.  We've upped the gooey marshmallow treat by swapping for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and adding chunks of white chocolate.  A drizzle of white chocolate on top makes this treat impossible to put down. Breakfast is served.


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