York School Signature Cookie Gift Box (6) + Sprinkles

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There's no better way to enjoy York School Fun Day with friends & family than with a refreshing & delicious ice cream sandwich! Pair your homemade ice cream with our fresh baked gourmet cookies to make the ultimate summer treat. 

Each gift box contains 6 cookies and a small bag of rainbow sprinkles so everyone can top their sandwich with a little fun! 

Even better? 5% of all sales will be donated to help raise money for the York School playground. 

These cookies are big - each cookie measures 4" in diameter! The gift boxes are available in 2 options:

1) *No Nut: 2 Chocolate Chunk, 2 Chocolate Rainbow (M&Ms and rainbow sprinkles), 1 Milk & White Chocolate, 1 Red Velvet

2) *Made with Alternative Flours: 6 Chocolate Chunk

*Allergy Warning:  Products are made in a facility where nuts and wheat are present, and therefore may contain traces of these allergens. Not suitable for those with severe allergies. 

    Place your order online for delivery or if you want to save on the delivery cost and prefer to pick up at our location in the Junction, give us a call at 416-763-2253. 

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