Cater Your Office Party In Toronto With Delicious Baked Goods

The desire to host holiday parties is ever growing. Whether it’s between family, friends or co-workers, spending the holidays together means a time full of cheer (and lots and lots of food). A holiday party just isn’t complete without delicious food. From the tasty appetizer to a fulfilling meal and ending the evening with decadent baked goods, your Toronto party is sure to be a hit. Today’s blog is going to focus on office parties because the food is often difficult to plan due to many people’s differing tastes.


When it comes to starting the party, it’s best to have a few light options for guests to snack and tide over their tummies until the meal is readied. We recommend finger foods that don’t create a large mess because many people eat appetizers while standing and socializing. Don’t select any appetizers with far-fetched names or ingredients. Err on the side of caution when it comes to selecting foods; keep it simple.


If you’re going for a traditional holiday meal, your office party should serve either turkey or goose as the main course. Serve a myriad of vegetables as a side to the main course, and don’t forget about the dressing. It’s a simple meal that pleases nearly everyone due to its roots in tradition.


Everyone loves Christmas cookies, especially us here at Sweet Flour Bake Shop in Toronto! We have perfected the two minute cookie, which means we’ve spent plenty of time in the bakery ensuring our cookie recipe is up to par. We can cater your dessert with cookies or other baked goods, or you can order a myriad of cookies and send them as a corporate gift to end the party on a sweet note!