Our Promise

Our promise: to surprise and delight with the finest baked goods freshly made for you.

Our Unbelievable Baked Goods

With our wide variety of gourmet fresh baked goods, we aim to be your one stop bake shop.
From our signature cookies, to our cupcake creations, to our decadent bars: there is something to surprise and delight everyone. We’ve taken your nostalgic favourites and given them a delicious modern twist—cupcakes filled with creamy centers, cookies crafted with unique flavour combinations like fig and pistachio, and our decadent bars layered with new taste sensations. All our baked goods are designed and developed in our Sweet Flour kitchens, made entirely from scratch by our talented baking team. We bake in small batches, using only premium, all natural ingredients for a quality that you can taste with every bite. Pure, simple, and unbelievably good.

Our Unique/Great Gifts

Once you’ve been wowed by our delicious baked goods, you’ll want to pass that delight on to friends, family and co-workers. With our gourmet gifts, you can deliver an unexpected surprise to make someone’s day more special. We’re here to help celebrate all your special moments: birthdays, anniversaries, corporate successes, new partnerships, or old friendships. We deliver across Canada, and handle all the details for you. It’s gift giving at its best – easy, simple, delicious.

The Wow – Made to Order Cookies in 2 Minutes

In 2009, we opened our doors to become the world’s first 2-minute custom cookie shop, and every day since we’ve been wowing customers with our one-of-a-kind interactive cookie experience.

Our amazing (2 minute) cookie process gives new meaning to made-to-order. Here’s how the magic works:

Step 1. Select a delectable cookie base – original, peanut butter, or oatmeal.
Step 2. Add the fun--choose from 24 delicious gourmet mix-ins.
Step 3. Wait for the deliciousness – we mix and bake the cookies while you wait.
Step 4. Enjoy your very own, straight-from-the-oven custom cookie in 2 minutes. It’s that simple.

With over 15,000 combinations to taste, your ultimate cookie is out there. Savour it in our cozy café with a glass of cold organic milk or a creamy latte made with locally roasted organic coffee . It’s the perfect relaxing moment, wrapped up in a delicious fresh baked cookie. Come discover your favourite today. 

Our retail experience is currently unavailable but we continue to look for other pop-up opportunities to offer this experience. Follow us on facebook to be the first to know about our next location.
Our Team

Sweet Flour Bake Shop was founded by entrepreneur, MBA and cookie lover Kim Gans. Kim’s childhood was filled with sweet aromas as her mom always had something fresh baking in the oven. She loves that cookies bring back memories and make people smile, but she knew it would take more than just a unique idea to make customers smile and keep them coming back. It takes a strong team of passionate bakers and a dedicated and knowledgeable service staff who go out of their way to deliver great customer moments each and every day – the kind of staff you’ll find at Sweet Flour. Whether it’s something as simple as grabbing you that fresh baked muffin top and latte in the morning, or as special as helping you find the perfect gift, the Sweet Flour team puts a little extra in everything they do, knowing it’s the little extra that makes the day just a little brighter.