Send A Gingerbread House From Your Local Bakery In Toronto

It’s not too late to share the greatness of the holiday season with those surrounding you. Whether that’s family, friends, or co-workers, we recommend giving a gift that also aids as a reason for relaxation and creation. Your local bakery in Toronto, Sweet Flour Bake Shop, now offers a gingerbread house kit ON SALE! That’s right. It’s not even a post-Christmas sale. Right now you can order a Gingerbread House Kit to send as a corporate gift anywhere in Canada, and the kit is only $45.

Here are a few reasons why a gingerbread house kit is the best corporate gift:


All of our gingerbread house kits include fresh baked gingerbread pieces, mix for fresh royal icing, Jujubes, M&Ms, mints, red sugar sprinkles, and candy canes. That’s a heap full of sweetness that make this an exceptionally tasty treat.


Creating a gingerbread house is a great excuse to step away from the desk, from the phone calls, and from the hectic chaos that work tends to entail. Taking some time to challenge your mind in new ways to create a gingerbread house will leave your business partners feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


The creative piece of building a gingerbread house is necessary when working with a kit. Sweet Flour Bakery in Toronto gives you the pieces you need, but we don’t put it together for you. Open up your mind to create the perfect house. Adding food colouring to the royal icing is a simple way to make a gingerbread house unique. Moreover, branch out into your cupboards to add treats or details we can’t even imagine yet. Cereal pieces make great shingles (and Cinnamon Toast Crunch is an exceptionally tasty addition to the gingerbread).