Start The New Year With Co-Workers, Cookies, and Collaboration

Are you bringing in the new year with new goals and resolutions? Start the year on the right foot by encouraging your employees and co-workers to get together to build friendship, to encourage collaboration, and to write goals.

Building Friendship

Co-workers spend a lot of time together, so it’s great when relationships and bonds are strong. People that are genuinely pleasant to be around tend to provide a healthier work environment. Plus, people are more likely to stick around for a long time when friendships are made at work.

Encouraging Collaboration

People that enjoy being around each other make for great team building. Co-workers that can work collectively are more likely to succeed for the company as a whole. Instead of everyone working independently toward the same goal, your employees can work together to reach the goal together (which typically happens with better quality in a shorter time).

Writing Goals

The simplest way to grow a business each year is to start with fresh goals or build upon goals from prior years. Striving for something better is a way to direct positive energy and grow the company. One of our favourite goals to encourage is brand marketing; that’s because we like to market with our cookies. We can put your business logo on a decadent cookie that you can share with business partners as a corporate gift or with potential clients at trade shows. If cookies aren’t your thing, you can check out our other corporate gift ideas for your brand marketing in Canada.

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