The Key To Giving Appropriate Corporate Gifts In Canada

There is a proper time and place for giving corporate gifts in Canada. Take the time to follow these quick guidelines we have compiled to help you find the best gift and deliver it at the best time to continue to build your business relationships across this beautiful country. (First, we’d like you to know that Sweet Flour Bake Shop, though based in Toronto, is happy to deliver our corporate gifts across Canada).

Think simple. 
When you give a corporate gift, you don’t want it to be something outlandish or unnecessary. That’s why baked goods are a safe bet. We have Valentine’s themed chocolate dipped biscotti or signature gourmet cookies for a small favour. For the special business partners, you can give a little more with the gourmet box of cookies or deluxe plus gift tower that includes cookies, brownies, shortbread, and more. There’s no need to send a printing machine or new computer when a sweet treat will get the job done.

Sell the gift.
Take the opportunity to share with your customer or business partner why you are sending this corporate gift. You don’t want to schmooze or go overboard, so let them know why you’re sending the gift and why you picked baked goods to send. People like to know why they are receiving a gift if it is not automatically apparent. Corporate gifts can help build trusting relationships throughout the country.

Follow the laws.
Double check the laws in your industry or your customer’s industry to ensure you are not violating any rules. We don’t want something so sweet to go so sour.

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