Surprise Mom With Cupcakes Instead of Flowers

Surprise Mom With Cupcakes Instead of Flowers

Tired Of Giving Fallback Mother’s Day Gifts?

Every year, Diane’s husband and two boys greet her in the kitchen on Mother’s Day with a big, overpriced bouquet of flowers, a card, and a box of chocolates. While there’s something to be said for tradition, these fallback gifts have lost their luster for Diane, who would much prefer something different for once. Do you give Mom the same Mother’s Day gift year after year? Is it some variation of the usual fallback gifts of flowers, candy, and a card? Why not mix things up in 2016 with something tasty from Sweet Flour Bake Shop instead of the usual flowers?

Surprise Mom With Beautifully Decorated Cupcakes

Freshly baked sweets can be just as pretty as a bouquet of pink carnations, and our collection of Mother’s Day cupcakes is certainly not the exception to that rule. These gorgeous cakes can be purchased in either a half or a full dozen depending on how many you need, and they feature both vanilla and chocolate cake to satisfy every palate. In addition, every cupcake is filled with our delicious vanilla bean buttercream. Your mom with love her Mother’s Day cupcakes from Sweet Flour Bake Shop, and we’d even be willing to bet she’ll share some of them with you.

Our bake shop can only deliver your Mother’s Day treats to certain cities within the greater Toronto area, so visit this page to find out if we can deliver to you. You can also pick your cupcakes up from our Toronto store. Thanks for visiting our blog! Feel free to get in touch with us to get any questions you have answered.