easter cupcakes on white serving tray

Easter Baking Gift Ideas : Whether you choose to D-I-Y or B-U-Y your Easter gifts, we’ve got you covered!

Easter may not be as celebratory as Christmas or as flashy as Valentine’s Day, but with its bright colours, fun & unique traditions (where else is it ok for adults to hide and hunt for coloured eggs?) and overall spring vibes, it’s one of our underrated favourites! Not to mention that the Easter feast is a thing - tables filled with glazed hams, crispy green spring vegetables, roasted carrots, and fresh baked rolls. And can we talk about those Easter desserts?  We’re passing on cheap, foil-wrapped chocolate eggs thankyouverymuch and heading straight to the tangy lemon tarts, sweet rhubarb pie and bunny themed cookies & cakes. The best part about Easter baking is that these little labours of baking love easily lend themselves into the perfect Easter gift ideas for friends & family.  So whether you’re tackling this year’s Easter baking single handedly or you’re happy to leave the baking to us experts, we’ve got a list of Easter baking gift ideas that will add a sweet little flair to all your Easter celebrations.


If you’re the one cooking the aforementioned glazed ham, crispy spring vegetables and fresh baked rolls, we fully applaud taking it easy on dessert. And with our cute and delicious line-up of sweet Easter treats listed below, we think your family will applaud too.

Decorated Easter Cupcakes

Celebrate Easter with our irresistible Easter Cupcakes! Each decorated cupcake has a smooth creamy filling, real buttercream icing and festive Easter decorations to top it all off.  Even better? Each chocolate cupcake has a special buttercream surprise inside, decorated to look like everyone's favourite creme egg treat!

This adorable dozen contains the following flavours:

Retro Chocolate:

Chocolate cake with vanilla cream center, topped with vanilla buttercream icing that's dipped in chocolate and finished with colourful sprinkles

Very Vanilla: Vanilla cake with a creamy vanilla cream center, topped with vanilla buttercream and a Happy Easter cupcake topper


DIY Easter Cookie Cake Kit

Decorating Easter eggs is fun but decorating a delicious, fresh baked cookie is even better!  Each DIY Easter Cookie Cake kit comes with an undecorated 8" round Cookie Cake in our most popular Chocolate Chunk flavour and includes icing & sprinkles for tons of decorating fun.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 undecorated 8" Round Cookie Cake, Chocolate Chunk
  • 3 piping bags of buttercream icing 
  • 2 bags of decorative sprinkles


Deluxe Easter Cookie Tray

If you're looking for a deliciously sweet finish to Easter dinner, our Gourmet Easter Cookie Tray is the perfect choice!  With its array of cute & colourful Easter cookies, decadent bars, and sprinkle of mini eggs, it's sure to delight the whole family.  Packaged on an elegant wooden tray with a pretty purple ribbon, it also makes a great hostess gift.  

This Deluxe Easter Cookie Tray includes the following selection:

  • 18 Classic Cookies (variety of flavours)
  • 12 Assorted Decadent Bars
  • 8 Assorted Shortbread
  • 7 Gingersnaps
  • 5 Pink Chocolate Dipped Shortbread
  • 4 Gourmet Sandwich Cookies with Colourful Sprinkles
  • 1 Happy Easter Decorated Cookie
  • 1 Chick Decorated Cookie
  • 1 Bunny Decorated Cookie
  • mini-eggs


Maybe tackling the ham AND all the Easter baking is your thing - if so, check out our great Easter baking ideas below to get you inspired. 

Hippity Hop Bunny Cake

Cute bunny shaped cakes have one time to shine and that’s Easter! Don’t pass up the opportunity to pay tribute to everyone’s favourite furry gift giver with this cute Hippity Hop Bunny Cake. This simple citrus infused vanilla cake can be made ahead of time, and decorations can be added closer to the big day. Bunny ears optional (but make for an oh-so-cute addition).

Easter Egg Oreo Truffles

It’s not Easter without some bright & colorful Easter eggs. Sure, you could go the classic route of boiling and dying actual eggs, but we’re putting in our vote for these delicious Easter Egg Oreo Truffles instead. These simple, no-bake truffles can be made in a few short hours and you can let the kids do all the decorating - a win-win! Delight your guests and tie in the Easter basket theme by serving them on a nest of shredded coloured paper.