Four Reasons Why Being a Small Business Owner is Both the Most Rewarding and Hardest Job

Four Reasons Why Being a Small Business Owner is Both the Most Rewarding and Hardest Job

From the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies to the sound of the oven timer ringing, every aspect of running Sweet Flour brings a sense of nostalgia and joy to my daily life. The role of a small business owner is incredibly rewarding, but isn’t without its challenges. Whether you’re considering diving into your own entrepreneurial venture or looking for a unique perspective on leadership, I’ve included four reasons why this role is both rewarding and challenging. 

 The joy of hands-on learning and employee growth

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an entrepreneur is the learning curve. Starting Sweet Flour meant diving into every aspect of the business, from serving cookies at the counter to managing e-commerce and logistics. This hands-on experience is incredibly enriching. I've had the opportunity to grow alongside the company, evolving from performing day-to-day tasks to overseeing broad strategic directions.

 As the business expanded, we could afford to bring in experts, which has been doubly beneficial: it continues my personal and professional growth and enhances our team’s skills. Watching our employees thrive and take on larger roles within the company is a source of great pride and is what being a leader is all about.

 The 24/7 nature of entrepreneurship

Conversely, the hardest part of entrepreneurship is that the business never sleeps. While I cherish the flexibility this career offers, especially as a parent, the reality is that you can never truly disconnect. Your heart and soul, not to mention your financial investment, are tied to the business. This means that even during supposed downtime, the back of my mind is always ticking through tasks and responsibilities. This constant engagement can be exhausting, yet it's a fundamental aspect of entrepreneurship.

 Balancing creativity with operational realities

Running Sweet Flour also allows me to indulge my passion for creativity, particularly in developing new products and engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with our clientele. However, this creative requirement is relentless and can be as draining as it is exhilarating. The need to continually innovate—whether it's flavour combinations, packaging, or customer engagement strategies while also keeping an eye on costs, labour and profitability —is a demanding aspect of my job.

 Learning to rely on others

Whether it’s trying a new supplier or testing a new delivery service – relying on others can be hard to control. There’s immense satisfaction in helping customers make meaningful connections through our baked goods, which often play a part in their celebrations and daily joys. Yet, when issues arise—like delivery problems caused by third-party services—it’s frustrating because it affects customer satisfaction, something we strive to perfect but can sometimes fall short of due to factors beyond our control.

Being at the helm of Sweet Flour has been the most challenging and rewarding adventure of my professional life. It’s a journey marked by constant learning, personal growth, and the real impact we make on our customers' lives. Despite the difficulties, the rewards of nurturing a thriving business and team, and bringing joy through our products, make every challenge worth it.