January 28, 2021

At Sweet Flour, we want to delight you. We want you to experience the warmth of a fresh baked cookie, the joy of a spoonful of cookie dough, the decadence of a creamy filled cupcake or a handcrafted ice cream sandwich. From just because to just married, we believe every moment is worth celebrating. DISCOVER MORE >

The Secret to the Perfect Cookie Cake

Cookie cakes are the best of both worlds: all the soft and chewy goodness of a cookie combined with the sinfully delicious icing of a cake. They’re also one of our favourite desserts to bake & decorate with the kids! Below are a few of our helpful tips for making the best family-friendly cookie cakes.

Picking Frosting: Decoration

Picking a frosting for your giant cookie cake is very important; it’s both the medium for  your creative decorations and the part that adds that extra deliciousness. Pro tip: when deciding your colours, don’t worry about it playing it safe!  We’ve paired sky blue with red, yellow with green, and we’ve learned that hot pink and turquoise look great together!!  Choose unexpected colour combinations to really make it unique and fun.

Picking A Cookie Flavour

The second suggestion is to pick a frosting that is delicious. What goes well with a chocolate chip cookie? Do you want buttercream, chocolate, vanilla, or cream cheese? There are a bunch of different frostings to choose from, and picking the right one, like the color, is essential to making your cake taste good.

Picking A Shape: Circle, Rectangle, or Heart

Pick a shape that you and your child would love. There are so many options, depending on the kind of pan you use, you can choose a heart, rectangle, or circle. What does your child want? What shape would be the most fun to decorate? Maybe try a heart shaped one, and write a cute message on it, or try a square one to have more room to decorate.

Sweet Flour Bake Shop offers these custom cookie cakes for a variety of different occasions, and if you’d like to customize your own that’s available to you as well. We offer a wide array of gourmet cookies that you can add a message to and choose your different color frosting. Check out some examples of cookie cakes to see what you think. We deliver all over Toronto, or you can schedule a time to pick up your order in person today! In addition, we offer ice-cream sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes and other sweets all customized by you!

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