valentines day cookie cake

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Sweetheart in Toronto

Forget about roses are red, violets are blue - we’re arming with you much better gift ideas this Valentine’s Day. Let’s be real: the after-Christmas comedown means you function on autopilot for the entire month of January until suddenly it’s February and even more suddenly it’s two days before Valentine’s Day and you’ve done ZERO planning and now you are scrambling to buy a gift for your beau or your belle that doesn’t look like you were scrambling to find a gift for your beau or your belle.  If this sounds sheepishly familiar, read on – when you’re in the middle of a Feb. 13th panic, you’re going to want to remember our  suggestions for sweet Valentine’s gift ideas for him or her you can snag right here in Toronto.  And as you peruse the list, remember V-Day shouldn’t feel like an obligation - think of this ‘day of love’ as an opportunity to treat yourself, your partner, or your BFF’s to a little gift that shows just how much you care. 

Valentine’s Days Gifts For Her

Pretty in Pink Rose Cupcakes

There are roses, and then there are these Pretty in Pink Rose Cupcakes. They’re sweet, they’re decadent, and they have just the right amount of pretty to make anyone feel special. From the impossibly moist cake, to the oh-so-sweet filled center and the pure buttercream icing, what’s not to love? Plus, you can have them delivered straight to their door anywhere in Toronto or the GTA, making for an extra special surprise.

valentine's cupcakes with pink icing

Suetables Personalized Gifts

We’ve heard there are those out there in the world operating among us that don’t like sweets, so if you happen to know such a unicorn, then we’ve got a backup plan.  We absolutely LOVE the personalized options from suetables right here in the six. One of our faves is the Vanessa Coin Zodiac Charm. Made locally in Toronto, the charm is available in Sterling Silver or 10 Carat Gold. As the lovely folks at suetables put it, your sign around your neck or on a bracelet is a beautiful way to celebrate your place in the sun, your individuality and those of your loved ones. Oh, and did we mention this exact charm was worn by Meghan Markle, not once, but twice in 2019 and again in 2020?  Pretty good accolades if you ask us.


 Valentine’s Gifts For The Gents

Guys are notoriously TOUGH to shop for on Valentine’s Day, we all know it. Subtle romantic gestures tend to get lost on them and there’s no failsafe backup like flowers and candy, so we’ve picked out two great options to help you narrow down the perfect Valentine’s day gift for him.

Personalized Giant Heart Cookie Cake

Since the subtle gestures fly under their radar, we say go for the big ones – like 10” big. COOKIE CAKES, we’re talking about 10” COOKIE CAKES.  It’s heart shaped (come on, everyone needs a bit of sappiness), bakes up 1” high, and you can choose not only the flavour (hello Rocky Road!) but also the colours and the special message (don’t hold back on that message - we don’t judge here. And we’ve pretty much seen it all). The best part? This gift is big enough to share :)  Hey, it’s your special day too!

personalized cookie cake i love you

Brocrates Refreshing Shave Brocrate

Whether it is the smooth clean shave or that handlebar ‘stache, every guy needs a little help maintaining their look. Give ‘em a hand with a hand-picked gift with a BroCrates’ range of Grooming Gifts For Men, right here in Toronto. The Refreshing Shave BroCrate is complete with everything he needs to keep that face fresh and smooth - shave cream, after-shave balm, shea butter enriched soap, a face towel and a shave brush.  What more could a man ask for?

box of mens grooming items

Valentine’s Gifts for TWO

DIY Valentine's Day Cookie Cake Kit

Everyone enjoys the solo gift, but in the true spirit of Valentine’s Day,  the best gifts are the ones that you can enjoy together. Even better than gifts you can enjoy together are gifts you can create together!  If V-Day is all about the chill factor and a night in, make it a memorable one with our DIY Cookie Cake Decorating Kit.  Each kit comes with an undecorated 8" heart shaped Cookie Cake in our most popular Chocolate Chunk flavour and includes icing & sprinkles for tons of good clean (wink, wink) decorating fun.

Valentine's DIY cookie cake