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How We Got so Sweet

At Sweet Flour, we believe every day needs a little something special. We also believe that ‘special’ shouldn’t be complicated. So that’s why we spend our days focusing on the simple things: a warm chocolate chunk cookie fresh from the oven, heavenly filled cupcakes, sweet vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chewy oatmeal cookies. All made from scratch by our skilled bakers, all crafted with the best ingredients, all ready to transform an ordinary day into an occasion.  With gift delivery coast to coast, our goal is to spread joy across Canada, one fresh baked gift at a time!

Owner and entrepreneur Kim Gans has always been inspired by the simple magic of a cookie -- the way her mom's cookies could brighten anyone's day,  the excitement of discovering her favourite Oatmeal Raisin cookies packed in her lunch; the joy of selling fresh baked cookies and lemonade to neighbours. For Kim, cookies always turned an ordinary day into a favourite memory. 

Selling cookies on her front lawn in Cleveland led to a passion for business that took her all the way to the University of Michigan where she graduated with an MBA.  She never forgot her love of cookies and so, after gaining expertise in product development & brand management at General Mills, Kim traveled across North America to find the perfect cookie as inspiration for her very own bake shop. After having tasted more cookies than she’s willing to admit, Kim and her team tested recipes for two years and finally on March 23, 2009, her first baby, Sweet Flour, was born.

We are proud to say Sweet Flour has grown immensely since then, and Kim’s team of two has now expanded into 30+ in-house bakers, decorators, and savvy catering and sales managers, all dedicated to helping customers create long-lasting sweet memories.  While a lot has changed, for Kim, now a parent herself to two young boys and future lemonade & cookie stand entrepreneurs, one thing stays the same - the days’ stories are best shared over a simple plate of delicious cookies.

So let’s whip up a fresh batch together. Try your favourite treat today or ask us about ours. There are so many sweet moments we can share!

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