Celebrating Entrepreneurs with #SweetHeroes

Celebrating Entrepreneurs with #SweetHeroes

What are Sweet Heroes? At the beginning of the pandemic, we were motivated and inspired by the people in our lives and communities that were driving positive change and lending a helping hand. We wanted to do something to celebrate them. 

We launched our #SweetHeroes giveaway, which has now been running for 3 years, and celebrates those in our lives who have made a positive impact. Each giveaway has a different theme, and our last one celebrated the entrepreneurs who strengthen our communities and help turn big dreams into reality. 

Entrepreneurship is demanding - physically, emotionally and financially - and we wanted to take this  opportunity to celebrate hard working entrepreneurs and encourage them to take a few moments, maybe even a whole minute, to treat themselves to something GOOD. . We asked our community to nominate an entrepreneur in their life for a chance to win our fresh baked Signature Duo, and below are the lucky weekly winners for July. 

Week One: Holly Sokoloski: Roses and Sage Apothecary 


Week Two: Mike Rae: Truss Food Works 

Week Three: Daniel Sedran: First Line Physiotherapy

Week Four: Janelle von Kleist-Bernard: GiveRise

Keep an eye on our social channels for our next #SweetHeroes giveaway.