Employee Spotlight: Meet Ayushi Kokal, Decorator

Employee Spotlight: Meet Ayushi Kokal, Decorator

Meet Ayushi, one of the creative forces behind our sweet treats. With a passion for baking that blossomed after a foray into finance, Ayushi's journey from Dubai to Canada is nothing short of inspiring. From selling cakes from home to landing her dream job at Sweet Flour, Ayushi's dedication and talent shine through in every treat she creates. Join us as we delve into Ayushi's story, her favourite decorating moments, and tips for aspiring decorators. 

When did you first realize you wanted to make treat decoration your career?

My journey into baking began unexpectedly after pursuing a career in finance. Despite my background, my interest in baking blossomed after getting married, prompting me to enroll in a professional baking course in Dubai. As I honed my skills, I started selling cakes from home, managing all aspects of the business from taking orders and creating designs, to baking, decorating and even delivering the cakes.  Upon moving to Canada during the pandemic, I continued to pursue my passion and sold cakes from home, and then eventually landed my first baking / decorating job at Sweet Flour. 

Tell us about a day in your life working at Sweet Flour as a decorator.

Every day is different and challenging; I never really know how the day will look. I’m primarily responsible for our cupcakes, cookie cakes, and logo sugar cookies; in the morning, I start by prepping my cupcakes and baking off the cookie cakes needed for orders. This way I can spend my afternoon doing all the decorating, which is obviously my favourite part. I love when someone has a custom request that really puts my skills to the test, or when one of our standard products has a twist to it. For example, our Pretty in Pink cupcakes are decorated to look like pink roses, but we get all kinds of colour requests for them and it’s so fun to create beautiful peach roses or yellow roses and see how the colour change totally transforms the cupcakes. 

What has been your favorite cake/cookie decorating story so far in your career?

I love making concept cakes, like the moving carousel cake I made for my sister's baby shower. I’m also really into “anti-gravity” cakes; one of my favourites was the one I made for my own anniversary which featured a heart shaped cake perched on a tree limb. 

What do you like to do for hobbies outside of decorating cakes?

I'm a dog person, so I enjoy spending time with furry friends. I also volunteer at rescue shelters and foster rescue pets.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to start a similar career path?

Be critical of your decorating and concept. Take negative feedback positively to improve your skills. Reach out to customers for feedback and consider taking classes for hands-on experience. And always watch YouTube for tricks!

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