Watch as We Teach the Global Morning Show How to DIY Your Valentine's Day

Watch as We Teach the Global Morning Show How to DIY Your Valentine's Day

With more than 15 years of selling sweet Valentine's Day treats, we kinda feel like the experts on all things Valentine 😊 so when the producers at Global reached out to ask us to share our tips for celebrating Valentine's Day, we were more than ready! We recently appeared on the Global News Morning show alongside host Liem Vu, whom we chatted with about our Valentine's Day bestsellers for gifting, and our best ideas to make it a fun day for all your Valentines.  Check out all the fun we had with the Global Morning crew here and then keep reading below for some Valentine's Day inspiration!

Wow Your Valentine: Our Valentine's Day Bestsellers

Ask our team and they'll tell you that Valentine's Day is one of our favourite holidays at Sweet Flour.  There's just something about seeing the pops of pink and red everywhere that gets us excited  - a sweet Happy Valentine's Day cookie on the outside of our Gift Box of 24 Cookies,  a beautiful blush of pink on our Pretty in Pink Roses Cupcakes, the red & pink border on our Heart Shaped Cookie Cakes. With all the beautiful decorating and lovely colours, it's easy to see why these gifts are some of our bestsellers.

Alongside our Valentine's Day Cupcakes, Cookie Cakes, and Cookie gift boxes, we also have a NEW treat. Inspired by everyone's love for all things Red Velvet, we took our delicious Red Velvet cookies, crumbled them up and mixed it with our luscious vanilla butttercream, and then dipped them in chocolate to transform them into our beautiful Valentine's Day Red Velvet Cookie Truffles.  This sweet gift checks all the boxes for a perfect gift for everyone you celebrate the day with - perfect to share with your partner or to enjoy a one-bite treat with the little ones!

Make it Special: DIY Your Valentine's Day

As we shared with the Global Morning audience, when it comes to planning something special and unique for Valentine's Day, our go-to is something hands on that can inspire a little creativity and shake things up!  And we've got PLENTY of options for some hands on fun 😉  Our DIY Kits are the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day, whether you're spending it with your partner, your friends or the fam!

Our DIY Valentine's Day Cookie Cake kit includes a pre-baked heart shaped cookie cake and bags of icing and sprinkles for you and your partner to create your own masterpiece.  We like this kit because it's one and done - you decorate one big cake and then get to the fun part of eating it. BUT if decorating is your thing, our DIY Cupcake Kits and DIY Cookie Kits are a good way to test your skills! The Cupcake Kit comes with 6 cupcakes to decorate and the Cookie Kits have 9 cookies - with more treats to decorate, it makes it great for sharing and great to get creative with (plus you can do a little "warm-up" decorating before you perfect your masterpiece!)

If you're looking for some fun tips to decorate your Valentine's Day treats, be sure to check out our segment on the Global Morning Show and watch as our head chef Jennifer Binns teaches the hosts how to decorate!