Happy Birthday Mini Cupcakes

The Great Cupcake Debate: Mini Cupcakes, Full-Sized Delights, and Birthday Joy

All the Ways to Cupcake

Cupcakes - they’re whimsical, they’re delectable and when they show up, you know some serious celebratory fun is about to be had! That’s why we make sure to have it all when it comes to cupcakes - mini bite sized ones, regular ones with a surprise filling on the inside, and of course, cupcakes for all those special holidays and occasions. We’ve got a cupcake for the special moments, the everyday moments and the full on celebrations, and we love ‘em all for different reasons.

The Magic of the Mini Cupcake

Why do we love our mini cupcakes so much? Let us count the ways.


We know - there are days when you grabbed that coffee AND the too tempting croissant-wich for breakfast and now you’re looking for a midday treat that’ll pick you up without weighing you down. ENTER the mini cupcake - aka tiny delights of perfectly portioned sweetness.  They're ideal for those moments when you crave a taste of something delicious but don't want to commit to more than two bites.  And can we talk about how kid-perfect they are? Small hands, small treats, small sugar rushes. We hope…

2. A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

Retro chocolate, pink lemonade, vanilla bean, passion fruit, salted caramel…with so many cupcake flavours, the temptation is REAL. Minis help to keep it manageable so you can have a little bit of all the deliciousness without missing out. 

3. Cuteness factor 

Have you ever met a mini version of ANYTHING you didn’t love? Neither have we. The instant we mini-ed our regular sized cupcakes, the cuteness factor skyrocketed.They look great no matter where they go - kids birthday parties, office meetings, or a pick me up gift for a friend. Cute, cute, cute. 

Go Big or…

We love the minis, but there’s still room in our heart for our regular sized cupcakes. Let’s hear some applause for our regular cupcakes:

1. Statement Makers

When you want to make a bold statement at a celebration, full-sized cupcakes take the cake (we can’t resist a good - bad? - pun). They're impressive, they stand out and they pack a lot of flavour. For those big birthdays, holiday celebrations, or milestone events, we say GO BIG. 

2. Corporate Events

Celebrating a new product launch or a special corporate anniversary? Our full-size custom cupcakes are the perfect way to celebrate! We can print any image you want, from a company logo to your boss’s face (just a suggestion 😉) and turn it into an unforgettable cupcake topper.  

3. Treat Yourself

Mid afternoon snack? Hello mini cupcake! But after a long day, and an even longer week - we’re going bigger! When you need dessert with a capital D, just grab the cupcake!! Our regular assorted cupcakes with their sweet filling on the inside and delicious buttercream on the outside will tell your cravings this is a proper DESSERT meant to be savoured and enjoyed. 

Come on Barbie, let’s go PARTY

A birthday, new baby, or holiday celebration - we love all the ways our cupcakes can sweeten the party.  Our birthday cupcakes are 100% fun - bright blue and white with colorful sprinkles and Smarties.  For new babies, we have the classic pink and blue versions but their decorative printed designs make them a truly beautiful gift when celebrating a new little one. And in between the birthdays and the babies, we’ve got congrats cupcakes, Thanksgiving cupcakes, and even ice cream themed cupcakes.  If you have an occasion or special event, big or small, we’ve got a cupcake ready to celebrate!