The Perfect Sweet Surprise: Birthday Sugar Cookie Delivery

The Perfect Sweet Surprise: Birthday Sugar Cookie Delivery

Birthday Surprises in all Shapes & Sizes!

We’re pretty big on birthdays around here. We’re also pretty opinionated when it comes to the best sweets for a birthday (have you ever been in a room full of bakers arguing about discussing - what the best birthday treat is?!? Fun, but a little dangerous.)  Topping (almost) everyone’s list is the classic birthday sugar cookie - sweet, delicious, colorful and fun, it’s the perfect standalone birthday treat, but it also plays nicely with others. Gifting your mom a box of fresh baked cookies? Add a birthday sugar cookie to the outside of the box to jazz it up.  Bestie celebrating her bday but you’re not together? Send her a box full of birthday sugar cookies to make her day sweet & special (luckily we’ve got Same Day shipping in Toronto and FedEx shipping across Canada for that 😉).  The best part is, there’s no limit to what the humble sugar cookie can do to make a birthday a little extra.  Below are some of our favourite ways you can use them to help you celebrate those birthdays!

The Classic

One of our favourite birthday sugar cookies took a while before it became, well, our favourite. The search for a design that was fun & playful but that would also be the perfect gift for everyone - boys, girls, moms, dads, grandmas, besties - was a long one but we love how this sugar cookie says Happy Birthday in a big way and captures all kinds of birthday fun. Pair it with another box of cookies, a bottle of rosé, tie it around the book you’re gifting - basically endless ways these birthday cookies can dress up your birthday gift! 

happy birthday sugar cookie delivery


Our Happy Birthday sugar cookies are super cute, but when customers come to us with an extra special birthday request, we like to have a little fun.  For the little ones, we can print cartoons and super hero images onto the cookies which make them great for parties or school celebrations. We’ve done people’s favourite sports teams, artists (yup, that’s Tupac!), and yes, we’ve even gone Canadian with our birthday celebrations and put Drake’s face on a cookie.  No matter who / what your birthday person is into, we can put it on a sugar cookie.

birthday sugar cookie with image of celebrity ready for deliverybrithday sugar cookie with image of cartoon bunny ready for delivery

The EXTRA (aka “OMG is that me?”)

If you’re not dealing with a sports fan or a Drake fan, we’ve still got a way to make it even more EXTRA. Think a birthday sugar cookie starring the birthday person’s FACE. It could be that shot of them on their favourite vacation, dancing at a party, or for maximum humiliation status (fun for everyone!), that shot of them on their birthday from long, long ago (see our pic below 😂).  Really any pic that will make them laugh, make them smile or cringe in embarrassment works here!  If nothing else, seeing their face all over a bunch of cookies is a sure way to make it a memorable birthday.

birthday sugar cookie with custom image of children ready for delivery

With so many ways you can celebrate birthdays with some sweet & simple sugar cookies, we hope we’ve inspired you to make it extra special for that next bday person in your life! We’ve got tons of great birthday gift ideas and are always ready to help customize their gift to make it perfect.  And with our same day delivery in Toronto and delivery across Canada, you can be ready to celebrate with anyone, any time!