Brand New Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Unique summer birthday party ideas in Toronto can be difficult to come by. You want to give the special child in your life a party that they will always remember, but where do you start? Pool parties have been done, indoor play facilities are not exactly what your child has been looking for, and a birthday party at home is out of the question. How then do you figure out a unique party idea without breaking the bank? You can stop scouring the internet for new and unique party ideas in Toronto, ON and just call Sweet Flour Bake Shop!

Sweet Flour Bake Shop offers an alternative to the mundane birthday party ideas for your child’s summer birthday. Get the kids together and head in to Sweet Flour Bake Shop to decorate, customize, and eat fantastic cookies! We promise that you have never thrown a birthday party like this before! We’ll bake scrumptious sugar cookies that each guest can decorate to their hearts content. Each guest will also be able to create their own custom 2-minute cookie to eat or take home with them. At the end of the party whatever has not been eaten will be boxed up for each guest!

Can you imagine the fun that children will have will decorating, creating, and eating some of the best cookies in the area? We want everyone to understand that there are other great options for summer birthday parties aside from the “normal”. Give us a call and learn more about our in-store parties. We are passionate about our cookies and look forward to sharing our fantastic in-store parties with your family!