A Love Letter to Sweet Flour

A Love Letter to Sweet Flour

Penned by Kim Gans

I started Sweet Flour with a hope and a dream to bring my deepest passion – how sweet treats create natural moments of connection – into my daily life. I often reflect on how this dream came to fruition, and coincidentally, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that really makes me pause and smile.

For context: Valentine’s Day is one of our biggest holiday’s and is where we get energized and excited for the products getting shipped and the meaning behind it.

Without getting too sentimental, Valentine’s Day is a moment where we get to see the wide spectrum of gift giving. There are the more obvious moments of gifting your partner or spouse a sweet treat – all the way from simple Valentine’s gifts to wedding proposals written on our cookies cakes – but we also see the other moments. The gifts given to friends, grandparents, children or even your employees to showcase appreciation. 

Getting to see these moments and gifts is what inspires our entire Valentine’s Day collection. We get to dream of the different variations of cookies and chocolates and cupcakes or in some instances, a combination of all three that will bring a smile to our customers’ faces. 

It gives us the chance to be creative in how we present our products and for that, we are grateful, and truly in love with what we do. Thank you to our customers, our team, and Toronto for allowing us to do what we love. 

We got a chance to share our love for Valentine’s Day and sweet treats on a recent segment for Global News, and encourage you to watch it for inspiration for your Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day,