Fully Loaded Cookies
Open half dozen assorted fully loaded stuffed cookies
Fully Loaded Mixer
Midnight Affair fully loaded stuffed cookie with Oreos, marshmallow with brownie batter
Stardust fully loaded stuffed cookie with rainbow sprinkles and marshmallow Rice Krispies
Golden Crunchie fully loaded Cookie stuffed with Crunchie bar, dark chocolate and graham crackers
Cinnamon Swirl Crunch fully loaded stuffed cookie with cinnamon and icing bits
Loaded Lemon fully loaded stuffed cookie with Lemon Shortbread and white chocolate

Fully Loaded Mixer

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Ready to dive into the world of Fully Loaded Cookies? The addiction starts here with with our Fully Loaded Mixer.  Cookies loaded with lemon, swirling with cinnamon, bursting with golden chocolate bars and topped with sweet & salty peanuts -- your ultimate cookie awaits!

Our Fully Loaded Mixer includes a mix of our top 6 flavours:

Cinnamon Swirl Crunch - swirls of heavenly cinnamon and bits of sweet icing
with the perfect added crunch of our housemade Cinnamon Sugar Crispy Cookies crushed on top

Golden Crunchie - chunks of golden honeycomb Crunchie bars with dark chocolate chunks and the sweet honey taste of crushed graham crackers

Loaded Lemon - pure lemon heaven as our classic cookie gets stuffed with chunks of our housemade buttery Lemon Shortbread and sweetened with creamy white chocolate chunks

Midnight Affair - a chocolate love affair with a surprise twist! Oreo chunks and sweet marshmallow cream with a decadent fudgy brownie batter centre

Peanut Butter Toffee Twist - classic cookie dough mixed with peanut butter chips, crushed pretzels, toffee pieces and wait for it – mini peanut butter cups stuffed INSIDE – that then gets rolled in the same delicious ingredients all over again for that perfect sweet and salty finish

Stardust - pure cookie fun with loads of rainbow sprinkles and chewy marshmallow chunks of the classic Rice Krispies® treat

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